Using App Store Optimization Services in the Overcrowded App Market


application store optimization

Competing in the overcrowded market seems to be very tiring since there too many people who are trying to win. One of the most overcrowded markets in today’s era is the app market. App market has been very crowded since the rise of smartphones is unstoppable. Therefore, more and more people are using smartphones where subsequently they will search for app for its smartphone. To win in the app market seems to be hard for app developers since they are competing with other people in many parts of the world. Having a good content is the first app to be an app to get recognition from people but it is not enough. Knowing some tips and tricks is also important since not many people know about it.


One of the most recommended tips and tricks in winning in the app market is by using app store optimization services. Maybe it sounds a bit weird at first but these services have been proven to give positive results. There are several services which can be tried in app store optimization services where in here we are going to give explanation about some services.

APP Testing And Positive Feedbacks

The first service that we can get from app store optimization services is the app testing. Well, this might not be too important for some of us but it truly affects people’s reviews. If we don’t perform a proper testing to our app, there will be a chance that our app will be buggy. People don’t like bug hence people will be more likely uninstall our app as soon as they discover lots of bug. Using app store optimization services will give us an app testing hence people will not experience buggy app. Another service is the positive feedback. Having our app’s page to be filled with positive feedbacks will make people believe in our app.

How to be Qualified for Assurance Wireless

One of the government’s facilities which we can get in Louisiana is free cell phone service from Virgin Mobile USA, called Assurance Wireless. This product gives us 250 minutes free call every month. Then, it can be got for free. We only need to apply. Then, the company and government will see if we are qualified enough to have Assurance Wireless. To start measuring how qualify we are to get this product; we should know the regulation of this product. In filling the form application, we should give the address which valid in US mailing system. Besides that, we should make sure that we are the only one at our household who apply to get Assurance Wireless. It is because the regulation only allows one household one free cell phone service from any brand.

Assurance Wireless Application

In Louisiana, we can apply for Assurance Wireless using income data and public assistance program resume. Choosing the income based application will make us prepare some document to support our statement about our annual income. Besides that, the regulation which applied in Louisiana shows that we should have income 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines or less than it. The income data surely will show the life of people and its lifestyle. It can tell whether they can afford a cell phone or not.

assurance Wireless 2

Other method which available to apply for Assurance Wireless in Louisiana is public assistance program based application. The form application for this kind of method does not require any supported document. We can mention the program which we have been involved in. The public assistance programs which are available in Louisiana are the national ones. They mostly are held in every state, we only to choose one from one of the programs which support our application to get Assurance Wireless. Visit now.

Clenbuterol In Sports

The use of Clenbuterol is kind of illegal in sports. It is determined as doping. This kind of drug will help to make muscle work better while working out. It has been classified as banned drug to use in sports by World Anti-Doping Agency and International Olympic Committee. Even though, Clenbuterol is prohibited to be use in sports game. Many athletes use it to help them burning fat. They also use it to get more muscle. Besides that, it will help them to perform better in game. It will help them to get better metabolism. They need it consume it to get skeletal muscle. It will get from enhancing muscle protein synthesis.

The Contrast

Clenbuterol is banned from sports arena maybe because of its side effects. The side effects of it can affect the heart function. The Agency and Committee may see it as danger for our body to be used more than it should be. They also may see heart as main organ in our body will get some damage. The long term side effect of the Clenbuterol indirectly will trigger heart disease. The trigger happens because the muscles of heart are getting thick. It may cause the heart hard to pump blood. Then, it will make the heart beat irregularly. The abnormal blood stream from irregular heart beat and the pump of the heart, it may make us have hypertension which can be the trigger to get stroke.

tour de france

Body Building

In body building, Clenbuterol is very common to be consumed. The functions of the drug which can help to burn fat effectively and build more muscle are what the athletes need. Some of them may have bad metabolism. Then, it will help them to get the best result. Besides that, Clenbuterol will help them to practice harder. Therefore, they can get good result and perform well in games. Sometimes, they need it to get through hard games.

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