4 Nightmare FFXIV Mounts You Should Get

Final fantasy XIV will provide you some scary mount that will give nightmares for your enemies. Some of these mounts were originally made by magical nightmares. To get this kind of mount, you should follow some tips below.



Enbarr is known as the child of the sea, since he was born of the great waves. This magical mount was originally bornof Leviathan, the Lord of the Whorl. Leviathan got the nightmare by Sahagian and then he gave birth to Enbarr. How to get FFXIV mounts like this? You can face this beast at the Whorleater area. This extreme location can be visited when you have reached at least level 50. Then you can catch Enbarr around this zone.


Markab was perfectly created by the Ramuh, the Lord of Levin, from a nightmare given by the sylphs. This magical beast has been born of one magnificent thunderbolt. How to get FFXIV mounts like this one? You can collect markab at the Striking Tree. Just like Whorleater, this place is considered as the extreme zone. You can enter this place when you are in the level 50 and above.


This mount was made by Garuda, the famous Lady of Vortex. Xanthos was created by a nightmare from the Lxal tribe. How to get FFXIV mounts with strong physical like xanthos? To find Xanthos, you can find him at the Howling Eye. This extreme location also can be visited when you are in the level 50 and above.

Nightmare Mount

Just like his name, this mount was made by a scary nightmare of beast tribes. Nightmare mount is widely known with his great fighting skill at the war. However, this mount can’t be simply tamed by the rider. To get nightmare as your mount, you first have to get the Nightmare Whistle, the item that will summon the Nightmare Mount then. This valuable whistle can be found at the Bowl of Embers, the Howling Eye and the Navel zones.

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