Another Form of Dessert

There are many types of dessert from pastry, ice cream, cake, and much more. The delicious and sweet taste of the dessert could make you feel delightful. Besides that, you could be a little bit addicted to the dessert. From the cheap e juice store, you could taste any dessert you want by smoking it.


You may usually eat bearclaw for snack or breakfast. Nowadays, you could taste bearclaw when you are smoking through avaporizer. The ELiquid offers the cinnamon apple fritter pastry for the bearclaw flavor. You should try this flavor if you love bearclaw so much. You do not miss it.


You may know cinnamon crunch as dessert. But now, it can be tasted through smoking. The electric cigarette or vaporizer can give you any kind of flavor. If you want to taste sweet and delightful desserts without consuming many calories, you should try this flavor for the vaporizer.

Pound cake

You will love a pound cake when you want something sweet to eat. The ELiquid offers the rich lemon pound cake as one of the dessert tastes of the product. The sweet and fresh rich lemon pound cake could give you something different with the same taste as you usually have.


The strawberry shortcake ice cream can be your flavor in smoking. The taste of the strawberry shortcake ice cream is delicious. You will have the same delicious taste of the strawberry shortcake ice cream in your vaporizer.

Lime Pie

If you love pie, you could have taste lime pie. The key lime pie is quite popular. Mostly, it is available in any pastry store. Now, it is available as the taste of the electric cigarette. The vaporizer offers cigarette with a lot of taste. You should try it.

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