Upon signing up on your online sportsbook of choice, such as Maxbet, then surely you will see a lot of different types of bets being offered by the sportsbook. The sheer amount of bets being offered can easily overwhelm someone who is new to betting in general as well as those who are new to sports betting in particular, and it can easily be daunting for a new bettor to pick the type of bet they want to take. One of these types of bet is the Asian Handicap, which surely you would see often on the site of your online sportsbook but unfortunately is not descriptive enough for you to understand from the context of the term alone.


Although the term can be very confusing, the truth is Asian Handicap is very popular among sportsbooks and bettors alike because it is actually one of the most basic sports betting type out there, and also one of the easiest even for a newbie bettor to understand. It is also one of the most common types of bets available on online sportsbooks such as Maxbet, and it is especially popular for sports such as soccer. In Asian Handicap, you are not only betting on the outcome of a particular match, but also the goals set in that match.

Say that you are betting on -1.5 handicap for the favored team or +3.5 for the underdog. This means that in order for you to win your bet, the favored team needs to score at least two goals over the underdog, or the underdog needs to either win the match or lose it by less than four goals difference between them and the winning team. Asian Handicap is therefore very straightforward, which makes it one of the most recommended bets out there for beginners.

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