Buying A New Sewing Machine

Being able to sew my own dresses make me feel proud. It’s good to turn my design into some real clothes. When I manage to complete the making of a dress, I feel really satisfied. The feeling is very addicting. For the reason, last night I decided to buy a new sewing machine so that I can improve my sewing skill.

A helpful website

As usual, before I headed to buy something, I searched the web to find out more about what I need. I discovered a helpful website which wrote a lot about all important things to consider before we buy sewing machines. Besides, the website also lists some popular sewing machines with the best customers rating. It also displays the review of each displayed sewing machine. The address is on


According to the website, the best sewing machines can be different for one person to another because each person has a different need. Someone can probably decide to buy a very basic sewing machine to mend her torn clothes. Another person might need different machines which suit his or her need to start an apparel business. In my case, I need a sewing machine for a personal use, but with a bit more features than the traditional one because I want to be as creative as possible.

Difficult choices

When I got to the store, I was so happy like a little kid getting excited over candies. There were many sewing machines being displayed. Before the shopkeeper came to me to offer the most expensive ones, I looked for him and asked him some questions about different sewing machines.

In the end I chose Singer because it reminded me of the one used by grandma back in our family farm. Of course, I didn’t buy the old-school one. It was Singer 7258. The sewing machine looks very useful because it has customization options. The machine is designed for beginners as well as more experienced sewers. With the machine, I could continue my sewing practice without having to switch for a new one again when I become much more expert later.

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