Getting a free cell phone from the government might sound like something that is too good to be true, but thanks to the Discover Wireless program you can, well, discover that there is indeed a way for you to get a free cell phone on top of a generous call minutes and text services every month without you getting charged for anything. This program is currently available in eighteen states across the United States, with the latest one being California, and you might want to check whether or not the state you currently live in has this program. If so, then you might want to prepare your application form and send it soon!

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A lot of people are worried about whether or not their application will be accepted, but the truth is as long as you fulfill all the eligibility criteria and fill in the application fully and correctly, there is a huge chance for your application to be accepted and for your free cell phone to arrive on your front steps, often as fast as ten business days since you get your application approved.

There are three basic plans you can choose from, as well, ranging from 68 minutes to 120 minutes to 250 minutes worth of calls per month. These minutes can also be converted into text as well, and if you are choosing the 68 or 120 minutes packages any leftover minutes you have in the previous month can be carried over to the next month automatically and without any extra fee. If those are not enough for you, there are also add-on packages for things such as unlimited minutes and texts per-month, and if you are looking for additional features such as internet connectivity you can also upgrade to a smartphone.

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