Free Government Cell Phones

free government phones

When your standard of living is below the poverty line, you definitely need some help to get yourself going. One of the ways is to get assistance from the government. If you have heard the free government cell phones program, you know that you can get free cell phone to help you improve your standard of life. The cell phones may not be fancy or sophisticated, but they should be enough to provide better communication and access.

A Little Bit about the Program

These free government phones have been around for quite some time. In the past, such program was only available and provided for landlines. But as time passes by and cell phones have started to become an important part of everyone’s life, the program is slightly changing. Instead of focusing on the landlines, providers start to offer free cell phones, as well as free monthly phone services and text massages.

What Is Obama Phone?

Obama phone is just another name from Lifeline Assistance program, which is offering the free cell phones. Each state has their own different regulations, policies, and details – although the basic requirements and principle are the same. Some states are willing to provide free cell phones as well as the monthly service, while some are only offering free services. The target is all the same: those who have low or poor living standard and those who can’t afford buying a decent cell phone.

Where to Get One?

If you are interested in this program, you can visit DiscoverLifeLine and learn about the program. You can find the detailed description and explanation completely there, including the requirements to get the phone freely. There is even a special link that you can click, in case you are wondering whether you are eligible for the program or not. Everyone can sign up, but not all of them will be accepted and granted the free phone.