Have an Unforgettable Trip from Kuching to Bintulu

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The holiday season is coming! Do not you want to take a vacation and forget the piles of works for a while? If the answer is yes, you have to find the best holiday destination. This time, you want to explore the amazing city Bintulu. Of course, taking the bus ticket is your option. You know how to book the tickets from Kuching to Bintulu without hassles. Less than 10 minutes, you can complete the whole booking process. In addition, you can use your credit card to pay the tickets. What is better than that? This website takes the online booking to the next level.

  • Things to Do in Bintulu

You have chosen your holiday destination. Enjoy your trip from Kuching to Bintulu. You know that many things to do in Bintulu. First, you can visit the Kuan Yin Tong Temple. This spiritual building has an amazing view. Moreover, the temple has skillfully crafted grand design. Certainly, you will have a great time there. Do not forget to visit the peculiar features of this temple. There is the rock garden courtyard. Next, you should enjoy the view of the man-made waterfall and the dragon fencing. All of them show the high-quality craftsmanship. The next destination is the night market. It is not far from the hotels in town. Enjoy the friendly and festive atmosphere of Medan Pasar Malam. You can find almost everything in the stalls. It starts from garments to foods. Having a bargain shopping experience in this place is fun.

There are many places to visit in Bintulu. Another must visit destination is Siminlajau National Park. What is the point of travelling from Kuching to Bintulu without visiting the national park? This place consists of a narrow rocky shoreline and un-overexposed golden sandy beaches. The interior part of the park represents the wide varieties of flora and fauna in Borneo virgin jungle. This national park is a home to over 125 species of bird and 24 varieties and mammals.




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