How to be Qualified for Assurance Wireless

One of the government’s facilities which we can get in Louisiana is free cell phone service from Virgin Mobile USA, called Assurance Wireless. This product gives us 250 minutes free call every month. Then, it can be got for free. We only need to apply. Then, the company and government will see if we are qualified enough to have Assurance Wireless. To start measuring how qualify we are to get this product; we should know the regulation of this product. In filling the form application, we should give the address which valid in US mailing system. Besides that, we should make sure that we are the only one at our household who apply to get Assurance Wireless. It is because the regulation only allows one household one free cell phone service from any brand.

Assurance Wireless Application

In Louisiana, we can apply for Assurance Wireless using income data and public assistance program resume. Choosing the income based application will make us prepare some document to support our statement about our annual income. Besides that, the regulation which applied in Louisiana shows that we should have income 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines or less than it. The income data surely will show the life of people and its lifestyle. It can tell whether they can afford a cell phone or not.

assurance Wireless 2

Other method which available to apply for Assurance Wireless in Louisiana is public assistance program based application. The form application for this kind of method does not require any supported document. We can mention the program which we have been involved in. The public assistance programs which are available in Louisiana are the national ones. They mostly are held in every state, we only to choose one from one of the programs which support our application to get Assurance Wireless. Visit now.

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