How to be Smart Couponista at Joann

Are you Joann` products lover? You may love their coupons too, right? Are you even a couponista? The term couponista refers to people who like to collect coupon and make good use of it to save some money. It is cool to collect Joann fabrics coupons because there are many of them available at the stores, website, newspaper and mobile application. However, you need to be smart to make a good use of those coupons in your possession.

Tips to help you out

If you have plenty coupons from Joann or other craft stores, here is how to become smart couponista.

  1. Put the coupons inside your purse as soon as you get them. For example, when you see the coupon ad at Sunday paper, cut it immediately and save it in place you won`t forget and always in your bag. Or print the coupon you find on the stores or website. The stores won`t responsible for any loss of your coupon.
  2. Read the guideline and policies carefully. You will find good information there, so you can understand your coupons better.
  3. If your desired items are on sale, you can`t use your coupons on that item. The coupon is intended to regular-priced items only.
  4. Check your coupon thoroughly. Check the dates and other condition. It is usually mentioned clearly at the coupon.
  5. You can also use competitors` coupons as long as they sell same items as Joann`s. For example Michael don`t sell fabrics. However, you can`t use Michael`s coupons at Joann.
  6. You may use multiple coupons for different items on your final purchase as long as your coupons come from different sources. For example, you can use your 50% off at fabric at Joann and Michael`s coupons to buy floral, crafts, jewelry makings, paint and etc.

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