How to pay ferry ticket online?


Have you tried to use online booking service ferry and you have no idea how to pay? First of all, let us tell you about online ticket booking first. There are many ways to choose best online ticket booking service. With single search and you will find the best one. If you have the plan to travel around ASEAN countries like Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, you may have heard about It is one of the most leading online ticket services for the train, bus, and ferry. Even, you are not trying to get your ticket there. Basically, the payment is just same. Some people tried to book online for the first time. They usually don’t understand how to pay. We are here to tell you how to do that with simple tips and security guide. Here are the explanations.

Keep your account secured

The most important thing when you are going to pay the ticket online, you have to ensure the security. You are not allowed to pay through public connection or public computer to avoid your account stolen and got the risk of hacking. The most common mistake that travelers do when they are going to pay their booking is to pay using the public connection. We never know how technology will give us a trap. Thief has been a serious issue in online payment. After you ensured that you use your phone, PC, and connection, you have to choose one of the methods offered by the service. In there are several methods you can choose from PayPal, Master Card and more. There are more than ten methods you can choose. Choose the method that you already have the account. After you have transferred the amount of money you have paid to the service of online booking, you need to confirm by clicking the confirmation link you have got in your email or text. Then, you will get your ticket.

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