Human Hair vs Synthetic Extensions

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Why Real Hair Extensions Work Best

Everyone knows that hair extensions are the solution to a quick and easy change of hair style. These hair extensions are a great stepping stone to have the long and thick hair you always wanted. There are two main kinds of extensions, which are the human hair and the synthetic extensions. Which one will work best for you?

Real hair extensions are made of real human hair which have gone through a fine creation process. If you want the best, it doesn’t get better than choosing this kind of extensions. These extensions look and feel the most natural among all. They last the longest and they provide the most styling options. You can style them with heat tools and even color them once in a while. They come in a variety of length and color and are sourced from around the world. You can have the smooth, sleek and dark hair extensions like an Asian, or you can have the thick and wavy brunette hair extensions like a Brazillian.

Synthetic hair extensions are great to wear for the first timer; you may want try wearing them first before investing on real hair extensions. These synthetic extensions also come in a variety of length and color, but they don’t last long. They typically last between 1 to 3 month before you start to see wear. These synthetic extensions are not affected by the weather, so it can be a great option for special occasions. However, an allergic reaction is possible with synthetic extensions. If you are someone who has many allergies and is highly sensitive, you may not wear these synthetic extensions. The content contained in these hair may trigger an allergic reaction, so you should opt for the human hair instead.

So which one of those above that you think is right for you?

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