Being new on Instagram is not daunting. Get more followers by doing these steps:

Post photographs at 2am or 5pm.

Believe it or not, research found that these are the best times to post. Why? Without any reason. Just do it for more Instagram followers.

Quality counts

Keep in mind that quality beats amount. Make sure you only upload, keep, and promote the best pictures. People want to follow accounts with a large number of meaningful pictures or the ones suit their interest. None, however, is interested with irregular shots.

Mayfair channel!

Utilize the Mayfair channel. As per Track Maven’s Fortune 500 Instagram Report, it’s the absolute best channel for advertisers.

Complete Bio

Have you completed your bio? Do it now if you haven’t. Incorporate applicable catchphrases and hashtags, and a connection back to your site. Most importantly, don’t be spammy.

Ask question

Yes, put questions, an interesting one, on your caption. This is an extraordinary approach to expand engagement.

Sunday post!

Post on Sundays. Why? Here’s the reason: Sundays see the least pictures posted. So, start posting on that day then gets your pictures more viewers.

Be committed

Know why you’re posting, and who you’re posting for. Be predictable about how you use your account and your follower will come naturally.

 instagram followers 9

Call for actions

Human love to be engaged. Try to use invitations to take action in your photograph captions. Get your followers drew in by requesting to make further move (e.g., “Let me recognize what you think about this issue”).

Post regularly

Try not to be reluctant to post regularly. While you may expect that people that post all the time get lower general engagement, research says that this isn’t the situation. As indicated by Union Metrics, there is no relationship between how many pictures posted and the number of attained followers.

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