Interesting Facts about Microdermabrasion (You Must Know)

For you who regularly go to salon to get beauty treatments, you must be familiar with the basic services like facials, massage, etc. But do you know that you have one more option to maintain the health of your skin? It is microdermabrasion, a non-chemical and non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry and dead skin-cells. By getting the treatment, your skin can look younger and also healthier. When you choose Microdermabrasion Studio City, you save your time because in less than 30 minutes, you can see the different look of your skin. Isn’t it amazing?


If there is something you do not know is that there are many interesting facts about microdermabrasion. This treatment is awesome so every information about it will be good to know. Have a look at it:

Gentler than dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is the predecessor of the procedure we are talking about. It works deeper in your skin and more intensive. Microdermabrasion is a lot gentler than that as it is non-chemical and non-invasive. The consequence is, microdermabrasion cannot reach your deep skin nor treating facial lines, extreme sun damage and scars.

Higher collagen

Microdermabrasion stimulates the production of a new underlying layer of skin cells in a unique way for once the layer is formed, it will have higher level of collagen and elastin. These two substances make your skin look young and wonderful. Soft, smooth, and firm.

Not for all people

Interestingly, not all people can receive the treatment of microdermabrasion; it has ideal candidates. If you want to do the procedure, you must be a healthy adult with minor skin conditions or imperfections. Moreover, you should also have realistic expectation about the result you may get considering that microdermabrasion is gentle thus it cannot fix severe skin problems. If you fulfill the requirements, go get it.

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