Is Carrageenan Bad for Our Food Product? You Must Find Out Here!

As we know, carrageenan is used in most of the variety food product. Carrageenan is extracted from pure red seaweed. It is fully natural and gentle processing when it is made. But, is carrageenan bad? There are many issues that carrageenan is bad when it is used in a food product. But, Carrageenan is not as bad as you think. carrageenan is a natural ingredient used in food product including tofu, yogurt, sausage, nugget, jelly, baby formula, and various foods. And it is pure and considered gluten free. It is used for a food product with labeling “gluten free”. Since carrageen is gluten free, you may think that it is suitable for gluten free diet. Besides, many expertise says that it is safely used for organic foods.

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The Truth about Carrageenan

Since controversies come up on the internet. Few researchers indicate that carrageenan may cause the inflammation to our body.  researchers believe that seaweed may be the source of inflammation to object research like mice and cat. In fact, the effect can be same when it is used as food additives. However, in large studies say that carrageenan is safety including the World Health Organization and FDA. They  disagree that carrageenan is bad when it is used in food products. In contrast, they ensure the use of carrageenan is safe. It is also safe when you consume it in the proper proposition. They also stress that carrageenan becomes the cause of inflammation for rodent experiment with mice and cat, but it doesn’t have the same effect as inflammation when it is eaten by a human.

Well, Is carrageenan bad?

The answer is safe even if it is addictive. Addictive doesn’t always mean bad effect. Carrageenan has the same role when it is used as food addictives like salt and pepper. Like the statement above, carrageenan could not harm you. the study has proved that carrageenan is safe when it is consumed by a human. In fact, there are benefits from the use of carrageenan in the food product.

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