Kitchenware and Recipes Part 5: Tea Rex Infuser

For some people especially woman, cooking is a favorite activity to do. It is one of the interesting thing to train creativity, especially to create a food that is beyond extraordinary. Thanks to the advancement in the innovation and technology, because there are so many innovations for kitchenware that will be very useful for those who like to cook. Now, cooking can be really fun because of these creative innovations that will make you never getting bored of cooking. This article will discuss about a cool invention for your kitchen that will surprise you. Lastly, this post will give you a simple recipe to use the kitchenware to make delicious menu.

How to Use Tea Rex Infuser

Tea Rex Infuser is specially designed for those who like to drink tea. It is an infuser that can be attached to your tea cup after you put the tea inside the boy of the tea Rex Infuser. You are now having the cutest way if drinking tea. This is made of the high quality plastic that can hold the heat until 300 degree Celsius. It won’t break until you throw it directly to the fire.

Creative Recipes Using Tea Rex Infuser

We all know that tea is one of the most favorite drinks for most people. Thanks to Tea Rex Infuser, now making tea is more fun than ever, you can see the green t-rex dives in your tea cup while it releases tea out of its head. In this section, I am going to share how to make jasmine tea. All you have to do is buy a jasmine tea leaves in the nearest supermarket and put some of it in the Tea Rex Infuser, and lastly pour hot water in your tea cup before putting the infuser inside. Let it works for few minutes until you can drink it. The hot tea is the best. Learn more amazing recipes at kjokkenutstyrog Oppskrifter.

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