Learning Life Coaching for a better life

Have you heard about this term called life coaching? It is such a new term in the world of psychology where people are coached through life by some kind of experts in the field. For instance, life coaching can be all about transitioning from one job to another, love life, or even dealing with more serious issues like grieving. On this very thread, we will learn about the function of life coaching as a part of relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation)for stress relieve. Life coaching as a part of relaxation therapy is also a part of sophrology or the study of mind and body awareness.


Life Coach and Stress

Essentially, a life coach acts just like your own psychiatrist. But the main different is that a life coach will also offer you some kind of motivation, inspiration and also guidance through life. While in issues like weight loss or grieving life coach will push them to stop, in reducing stress a life coach will act as a good listener and friend to you. A life coach will monitor you from the stress level frequently to make sure that you are free from stress. They will provide solutions to all of your problems which include relaxation therapy such as meditation and yoga.

Becoming a life coach

Back in the day, a life coach is practically unheard of thus there is no specific place for you to learn such skill. But now you can find many place that offer you the certification to become a life coach such as http://www.efds-sophrologie.fr. This place is such an amazing place to find out everything you need to know about life coaching. The site is also the right place for you to learn about sophrology in general and all its branches like meditation and yoga especially if you are now living in France.

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