Looking for a Free Online Radio? Listen to HitsRadio

Nothing is better than being able to carry the music that we like anywhere, without having to buy CDs or download music files illegally. Today, our daily life is very dynamic and most of us like to play some music as an accompaniment for our activities. That is the reason why internet-based music streaming service is a huge market these days. We can find many of this kind of service both on the web and in application stores for mobile devices. However, most of them usually ask their users to pay for subscriptions; which can be annoying to some people. If you are looking for one that does not require you to spend some money, HitsRadio is the answer.


HitsRadio is an online radio that provides more than 20 radio stations where you can listen to hundreds and even thousands of songs from popular artists. There are several genres you can choose from, including pop, rock, jazz, R&B, and country. Each station only plays the most recent hit songs in the market and on the internet, as HitsRadio frequently researches the latest trend on social media and renowned music charts. However, you can check the stations specifying in old tracks; where you can even go back to the 50’s and 60’s.

What other features are available?

Apart from following certain radio stations, you can do more by signing up for an account. HitsRadio is also community-based, meaning that you are able to interact with millions of other users. Sharing favorite tunes and discussing about music artists are common activities in the forum. You can also send a song request to the service operator to play tracks that the website does not have yet. There is no need to worry that you will lose all subscriptions and playlists, since they will always be saved in your account.

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