Play Rainbow Rich Slot and get Rich with Jackpots in Bonus Games

Gambling is indeed something fun to do in some spare times since it can make you win money; as long as you can do it wisely without spending too much. One place where people commonly like to play in casinos is the slot game, or slot machine. This kind of casino game can be really addictive and does not seem to end because it is just simple to do, unlike other arcades that make their players think all the time. If you are looking for a good one, Rainbow Riches slot is something you need to try because it is fun and provides a lot of bonuses.


Rainbow Riches Slot is a 5-reel video slot game that allows its players to have 20 lines around the slots that can be chosen before they spin the reels. The objective is just like any other video slot games, but there are other things that can be revealed if you hit a certain amount of particular symbols. In Rainbow Riches, you can unlock 3 different kinds of bonus games:


  • Wishing Well Bonus

This bonus game can be unlocked by getting 3 or more wishing well symbols in one spin. The aim is to be able to hit the wishing well in all of the reels during a spin. Doing so will grant you a prize equivalent to 500 times of your stake.

  • Road to Riches

Hit 3 or more Leprechaun symbols and you will get to play this bonus game. If you can capture the Leprechaun in all of the reels you will be awarded a jackpot, but if you only get 3, your stake will be multiplied by 200 times.

  • Pots of Gold

The best bonus game in that you can unlock in this Rainbow Riches. Hit 3 gold pots in the middle reels and you will get to a chance to win a pot of golds.

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