Playing Bru-Bag, Get the Gear

People say that if you love playing Cornhole and beer pong, you will like playing Bru-Bag and this is true because it is a combination between the two games. Once you start playing it, you will immediately realize that Cornhole rules are applied as well as the beer pong. The result? Double excitement during the game. For your information, Bru-Bag is not a new thing among people in the US thus it will not be hard for you to get it, either in the store or Internet.


As you have played Cornhole and beer pong, you definitely have an idea of playing Bru-Bag, right? It is easy: two teams consisting of at least two players each, by taking turn each player tries to sink the bean bag to the hole, and the filled up hole must be covered as soon as possible because two bags in one hole means an instant win. The good thing is that the gear you need to play Bru-Bag is as simple as the rule:

A board with six holes

This part is made of high quality wood so it will not get broken easily. Interestingly, the board is completed with the legs that you have to insert to make the side higher than other. And the six holes, they are designed in such a way so the size suits the bean bags.

Wood cover

As mentioned before, you must cover the hole immediately after a bag has sunk in it therefore you will be given twelve wood covers as you have two boards in the set. Use six covers for each board.

Bean bags

You cannot forget this part, the bean bags. Bru-Bag gives you two colors of the bags which are blue and yellow. The sizes of the bags are neither too big nor small so it is good to hold it in your hand. Make sure you have all these things in your Bru-Bag set.

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