SARMS: The Pros and Contras on its Effects

If you are someone who is interested in not just keeping your body in shape but actually building muscles to improve your looks, you might have heard about a new supplement called SARMS. It stands for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulator; and works as an alternative for steroid substances. Even though not many people, especially those outside of medic world, know about this androgenic compound, some bodybuilders have been trying its effects on their training. Although SARMS is so much safer than common steroids, it does have some limitations to avoid side effects to occur. Compiled from some bodybuilders’ review, these are the pros and contras of this steroid alternative.



SARMS benefits are true and not just a hoax. It does help in increasing lean muscle mass and maintain its shape and hardness for quite some time. Any muscles that are injured during heavy work outs also recover in an amazing speed. The best part of it is that SARMS has no experience of side effects within the doses that is recommended. Another advantage of this steroid-like compound is seen in decreasing fat level in our body, so it is also helps for those who want to cut down some fat in a little short amount of time. Different than conventional steroids that have to be injected, SARMS comes as liquid droplet which is taken by swallowing it.


The first negative commentaries about SARMS start from its mildness. It is true that SARMS is safer than steroid because it has fewer dosage of anabolic androgenic substance. This means that one has to consume it out of the recommended dosage and work out more often and harder in order to get ahead and get the amount of muscle that is desired. Although it has 10:1 ratio of side effects possibility, certain SARMS can give light suppression symptoms, but it is still not as bad as the one experienced from usual steroids.

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