Setting the Differences between Carrageenan and Poligeenan

If you want to know about the carrageenan and its dangers, you need to know the difference of carrageenan and poligeenan. Carrageenan is the food-grade thickener and stabilizer that have been used in the modern food industry for more than 50 years. Poligeenan, on the other hand, is the degraded substance with dangerous characteristic, undergoing dangerous processing too. Poligeenan has never been used in the food industry because of the harmful nature.

Differentiating the Two

Why should you differentiate the two? You see, most people often think that carrageenan is the poligeenan while in reality, they are completely two different entities and subjects. Moreover, most people have never heard about the poligeenan so they think that carrageenan is dangerous. Well, it is about time that they learn about something important.


The only reason why carrageenan is often associated with the poligeenan is because they come from the same source of algae. However, they undergo different processing and treatment, which lead to different results. When the algae are treated properly with safe procedures, the end result is the carrageenan. When the algae are treated through the acid bath and other dangerous procedures, the end result is the poligeenan.

The Facts

How about carrageenan dangers? Some people say that when you consume the carrageenan, it will turn into a poligeenan through the chemical processing of your body. That’s such a hoax. The poligeenan can result from acid bath involving heating up to 194 degrees of Fahrenheit for 6 hours and acid with pH 1.  Your digestive system’s temperature only reaches 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the body won’t digest the foods for 6 hours. It only takes a few hours for digestion before the body should dump it. After all, the pH scale of the body is 2.5.

As you can see from this fact, there is no way that the food grade carrageenan can turn to poligeenan just like that. It isn’t a magical solution and you need to improve your thinking skills if you still believe in such false claim.

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