The Misinterpreted Science about Carrageenan

The carrageenan has been used in food for years. People have been used and make carrageenan for more than hundred years. Even though it has been used for so long by people in Ireland, the carrageenan dangers issue is still in the public opinion.

How the danger issue of carrageenan comes out


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regularly reviews of ingredients which allowed in the organic food every five years. The carrageenan has been approved again. It has been on the renewed listing of carrageenan as the non-synthetic substance without any restrictions.

It has been a contrary between the rumor in the public and the USDA’s decision which came after thoroughly considering all of the available science. The statement from the USDA does not mean that it is unfounded attacks on the substance in successful use for hundreds of years will cease. The misinterpreted about carrageenan is not good for the public. The truth which has been published by the USDA could be twisted by the public statement.

Besides that, the statement about the carrageenan is influenced by the cornucopia against the industry science. The researchers and other representatives may be corrupted by funding from the larger member of the food industry. The funding becomes the sources for the employees to do the research. The agency from the Food and Drug Administration is not the one that does research. The research is not only about the carrageenan, but also many others. The research about carrageenan may not be as profitable as others. Then, it means that the carrageenan could be less important and the statement about it could be not official and scientific. It is bad for the truth about the carrageenan itself. It could make people know the wrong thing about it.

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