Why Minecraft is So Popular

This game has certainly become a phenomenon because it managed to bring a whole new breath of fresh air to the world of video games. The concept of Minecraft is rather simple, actually, but it is the execution which could be considered as nothing less than a flash of genius. Within Minecraft, players are allowed to create a world of their liking. The world already exists from the first place, based on a random machine generator, but the players are left in complete control about what to do with that world. Adding blocks and making them disappear from the world could really be a fun and educative experience.

The Best Parts about Minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft, there are several aspects that make it the world-famous franchise that is is today, and those would include:

  • Simple Graphics

The graphics of Minecraft is nothing to be wowed over because it is admittedly rather coarse and crude, more suitable for the 2D era rather than the current 3D and perhaps even 4D era. However, the simplicity is often considered as part of Minecraft’s charm. It would grow on you, and it gives off the impression of a game that does not need to rely on smoke and mirrors.

  • Customization

The level of customization that you can do to the world of Minecraft is unreal. Anything and everything could be done to craft a whole new world.


  • Endorsement

Parents and teachers cannot get enough of Minecraft. This game is very educational, and you would be glad to know that your parents would not yell at you for playing a game all the time because it is exactly what they want.

Minecraft is not one of those games which are available for free. But you can actually try Minecraft for free if you want to. There is a website called http://minecraftforfreenow.net/ which would allow you to do just that.

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