Why You Should Take Archery Lessons

Should you take archery lessons? Absolutely. Archery is a fun, exciting, inexpensive yet brings a lot of benefits for your physical and mental health. It is a great workout indeed.

A great workout

That’s correct. Winding back bows and flinging arrows burns about 140 calories in a half hour. This is the same as walking at a 3.5 mph pace. You don’t need to shoot at targets over 70 meters distance as the Olympians do. For the rest of us, the target is about 18 meters.

As archery is a low-intensity sport, it builds muscle while being accessible for just about everyone. Yes, everyone. Of all ages and abilities. When done correctly, this sport builds overall upper body strength, core strength as well as great for body toning.

Concentration, the key to success

What is the key to success for an archer? The draw? The bow? The arrow?

Concentration is the key to success for an archer. Not the act of pulling back the bowstring, bow or arrow. Archery requires concentration. And yes, it will improve your concentration the more you practice. Thus, improving your concentrating ability which is beneficial for your life.

Stress reliever and confidence booster

3If you are looking for a sport that can relieve your stress and boost your confidence, you should try archery.

Archery gives the archer a feeling of control and confidence. It may be surprising, but yes, it is. Watching the arrow hits the target can be a form of relaxation.

Where to join?

If you are interested in archery, you can join archery clubs. No need to be shy or worry about being a beginner. Everyone was once a beginner, even the professional athletes. Many archery clubs offer archery lessons. Also, you don’t have to buy equipment right away since some will rent it for you.

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